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Dự án cầu Phú Mỹ
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Business areas

| Property development

Property development is considered to be a potential and one core business area by VINACONEX SAI GON, for the corporation has a great deal of capacity for construction, building material production, import and export activity, and project management. At present, VINACONEX SAI GON focuses on implementing a number of real estate projects in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city and other provinces over the country.

| Construction

With nearly 20 years of experience in the construction area and, Saigon Vinaconex is a leading subsidiary of Vinaconex Corporation in the South. With the capacity to implement large projects in the areas of:
+ Civil Construction
+ Industrial construction
+ Urban infrastructure, transportation, water resources construction

This is the strength of Vinaconex Saigon which always be concerned and developed by the company manager By enhancing the human resources, new technology, equipment, Saigon Vinaconex ensure to implement large-scale and complicated projects

| Design consultancy

This is a new field of activity is the business. Aware of their qualifications and competencies staff the Vinaconex Saigon employees always innovate, bring new ideas, new solutions for planning, architectural, structural , prestressed concrete products precast ... towards the goal of sustainable development, to meet the needs of society.

| Import & export and Labor export

Behind construction, Labor export is another key activity of Vinaconex Saigon which which has been done since the establishment and in the development of Vinaconex Saigon. By the introduction of high quality, skilled human resources, Vinaconex Saigon export a hundreds specialists, engineers and workers, meet the needs of the foreign partner, contributing to promote the brand of Vinaconex to the world.

| Other business areas

Besides its two core business areas, VINACONEX SAI GON also engages in other fields including trading, tourism, hotel management, entertainment resorts, education and training, soccer, insurance, bodyguard and urban services.